Stress Concentration factor Analysis of Helical Gear Drives with Asymmetric Teeth Profiles

  • Mohammad Qasim Abdullah College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
  • Mohammed Abdulaal Kadum College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
Keywords: Asymmetric Helical Gear Tooth, Involute Profile, Stress Analysis, Bending Stress, Stress Concentration Factor, Solidworks2016 Simulation.


This study investigates the influence of asymmetric involute teeth profiles for helical gears on the bending stress. Theoretically, bending stress has been estimated in spur involute gears which have symmetric teeth profile by based on the Lewis, 1892 equation. Later, this equation is developed by, Abdullah, 2012. to determine the effect of an asymmetric tooth profile for the spur gear on the bending stress. And then these equations are applied with stress concentration factor once for symmetric and once other for asymmetric teeth profile. In this paper, the bending stresses for various types of helical gear with various types of asymmetric teeth profile are calculated numerically for defined the stress concentration factor. The numerical solution based on the finite element method technique which that done by using the software simulation SolidWorks 2016. The results of this study indicate that the helical gear drive with asymmetric teeth profile having 'loaded side pressure angle' of ( ) and 'unloaded side pressure angle' of ( ) is better than a helical gear with standard teeth profile having pressure angle of ( ) from the regarding of tooth bending strength. Also, notes that the great enhancement in the results of maximum tooth bending stress for modified involute of tooth profile compared with the standard teeth profile. In addition to, predict the equation of stress concentration factor which is a function of both unloaded side pressure angle and helix angle and then it used with Abdullah equation for to determine the nominal stresses in the root fillet.



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Abdullah, M. and Kadum, M. (2018) “Stress Concentration factor Analysis of Helical Gear Drives with Asymmetric Teeth Profiles”, Journal of Engineering, 24(5), pp. 14-28. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2018.05.02.