The Effect of Circular Perforation on a V-Corrugated Fin Performance under Natural Convection

  • Maha Ali Hussein Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering Techniques Department-Dijlah University College
Keywords: Fin performance, heat sink, natural convection, perforated fin, corrugated fin


An experimental investigation has been made to study the influence of using v-corrugated aluminum fin on heat transfer coefficient and heat dissipation in a heat sink. The geometry of fin is changed to investigate their performance. 27 circular perforations with 1 cm diameter were made. The holes designed into two ways, inline arrangement and staggered in the corrugated edges arrangement. The experiments were done in enclosure space under natural convection. Three different voltages supplied to the heat sink to study their effects on the fins performance. All the studied cases are compared with v-corrugated smooth solid fin. Each experiment was repeated two times to reduce the error and the data recorded after reaching the steady state conditions. The results showed that the v-corrugated fin dissipate heat twice and triple times than flat plate mentioned in past research with the same dimension. Also, the inline perforated fin gave higher enhancement percentage than solid one by 15, 32 and 36% for 110, 150 and 200 V voltages supplied. Finally, the staggered perforation arrangement gave the higher enhancement percentage with 22, 42 and 45% for the same voltages supply.



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Hussein, M. (2018) “The Effect of Circular Perforation on a V-Corrugated Fin Performance under Natural Convection”, Journal of Engineering, 24(7), pp. 19-34. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2018.07.02.