Babylon Governorate Municipal Solid Waste Generation Rate

  • Jathwa Abd ALKareem Al-Ameen College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
  • Mustafa Akeel Al-Hamdany College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
Keywords: Municipal solid waste (MSW), socio-income level, generation rate, Babylon Governorate.


Municipal solid waste generation in Babylon Governorate is often affected by changes in lifestyles, population growth, social and cultural habits and improved economic conditions. This effect will make it difficult to plan and draw up future plans for solid waste management.In this study, municipal solid waste was divided into residential and commercial solid wastes. Residential solid wastes were represented by household wastes, while commercial solid wastes included commercial, institutional and municipal services wastes.For residential solid wastes, the relational stratified random sampling was implemented, that is the total population should be divided into clusters (socio-income level), a random sample was taken in each level in its proportion to the total population. According to the obtained results of the primary survey of 5% standard error and 99% confidence interval, held in Babylon Governorate, the best sample size was 44. Samples were taken as a daily collection for 10 days, this process was repeated for four different periods to cover the change in the waste generation between summer and winter season. The study showed that Babylon Governorate has an average residential solid wastes generation rate of 0.587 kg per capita per day.If the quantities of commercial solid waste were to be added; solid waste generation rate reaches 0.802 kg per capita per day as a 36.6 % increase. The research adopts the value of 0.802 kg/capita. day as a waste generation rate for Babylon Governorate.



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Al-Ameen, J. and Al-Hamdany, M. (2018) “Babylon Governorate Municipal Solid Waste Generation Rate”, Journal of Engineering, 24(9), pp. 64-77. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2018.09.05.