Comparative Analysis of Various Multicarrier Modulation Techniques for Different Multilevel Converters

  • Omar Talal Mahmood Altaee Technical Institute - Mosul, Northern Technical University
  • Ahmed M. T. Ibraheem Alnaib Technical Eng. College - Mosul, Northern Technical University
Keywords: MLC, MMTs, LS, and PS.


The applications of Multilevel Converter (MLC) are increased because of the huge demand for clean power; especially these types of converters are compatible with the renewable energy sources. In addition, these new types of converters have the capability of high voltage and high power operation. A Nine-level converter in three modes of implementation; Diode Clamped-MLC (DC-MLC), Capacitor Clamped-MLC (CC-MLC), and the Modular Structured-MLC (MS-MLC) are analyzed and simulated in this paper. Various types of Multicarrier Modulation Techniques (MMTs) (Level shifted (LS), and Phase shifted (PS)) are used for operating the proposed Nine level - MLCs. Matlab/Simulink environment is used for the simulation, extracting, and analysis the results. Finally, a comparison is made between the results for all topologies that are implemented regarding to the criteria of the output voltage waveforms harmonic distortion factor, No. of the necessitated power components, and the complexity of each circuit. Based on simulation results, the MS-MLC is finer as compared to the other types of MLCs. It also observed that the MLCs (with three types) using Phase Opposition Disposition (POD) technique is performed better in terms of getting greater fundamental output voltage and lower THD% as compared to the other techniques.



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Altaee, O. and Alnaib, A. (2018) “Comparative Analysis of Various Multicarrier Modulation Techniques for Different Multilevel Converters”, Journal of Engineering, 24(12), pp. 45-59. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2018.12.05.