Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam by Epoxy Resin

  • Adnan Sadiq Al-kuaity Building and construction technical engineering department, Islamic university college, Najaf
Keywords: Rehabilitation, Deep beam, Epoxy.


This investigation presents an experimental and analytical study on the behavior of reinforced concrete deep beams before and after repair. The original beams were first loaded under two points load up to failure, then, repaired by epoxy resin and tested again. Three of the test beams contains shear reinforcement and the other two beams have no shear reinforcement. The main variable in these beams was the percentage of longitudinal steel reinforcement (0, 0.707, 1.061, and 1.414%). The main objective of this research is to investigate the possibility of restoring the full load carrying capacity of the reinforced concrete deep beam with and without shear reinforcement by using epoxy resin as the material of repair. All beams were tested with shear span-depth ratio 2.2. An analytical study was made to show the behavior of a sample of test beam at higher stages of loadings before and after repair. The test results showed that the epoxy resin used for repairing was very efficient in restoring full capacity of failed beams. Moreover, epoxy resin increased the strength capacity of the original beams by about 14% to 40%. On the other hand, the increase in the longitudinal reinforcement increased significantly the ultimate capacity of deep beams before and after repair.



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Al-kuaity, A. (2019) “Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam by Epoxy Resin”, Journal of Engineering, 25(4), pp. 105-121. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2019.04.08.