Postmodern Architecture between the pillars of philosophical discourse and architectural practice

  • Oday Abbas Abood Department of Architecture - University of Technology
Keywords: Postmodern architecture, Postmodern ought, Architectural technological practice.


Postmodern arguments, formed a critic case of what modernity brought in several levels. Postmodern practice was considered as a proactive case having amorphous concepts and features to what entiled as an intellectual trends postmodern philosophically and intellectually. But, what postmodernism architecture broughts in it essence, was not isolation from the intellectual context and entrepreneurship case, and it was not disconnecting from the intellectual and philosophical era of that period. Lliteratures and philosophical argument precede what (Robert Venturi) and (Charles A Jencks) had brought, albeit it was closer to critics and correction the path of modernity from crystallizing a direction that exceeds modrinity to what follows.

In this context, the research's aim had been determined by: (investigating the philosophical depth and intellectual arguments for postmodernism, and them implications in the architectural practice comparing to the philosophical narratives, and then determine the reflection of that in the architectural technology practice).  For achieving the aim of the research, the research was initiated to discuss the intellectual foundations of the postmodernism by discussing the philosophical propositions constitutive and the crystallized, first. And then discuss the propositions of postmodernism in architecture, secondly.  And discuss the presence of thought in the technological practice as influential and affected. And then the research reached the most important general and particular conclusions of the postmodern trends and its reflection in architecture, and then to reached the comparative conclusions for each of the philosophical and architectural propositions, and then to determining a reflection all of that in the architectural technological practice directions.



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