Geological Model of the Tight Reservoir (Sadi Reservoir-Southern of Iraq)

  • Ameer Kadhum Noori Engineering College-University of Technology Kirkuk, Iraq
  • Samaher A. Lazim College of Engineering-University of Technology
  • Ahmed A. Ramadhan College of Engineering-University of Technology
Keywords: Geological model, Halfaya oil field, Sadi reservoir.


A3D geological model was constructed for Al-Sadi reservoir/ Halfaya Oil Field which is discovered in 1976 and located 35 km from Amara city, southern of Iraq towards the Iraqi/ Iranian borders.

Petrel 2014 was used to build the geological model. This model was created depending on the available information about the reservoir under study such as 2D seismic map, top and bottom of wells, geological data & well log analysis (CPI). However, the reservoir was sub-divided into 132x117x80 grid cells in the X, Y&Z directions respectively, in order to well represent the entire Al-Sadi reservoir.

Well log interpretation (CPI) and core data for the existing 6 wells were the basis of the petrophysical model (Porosity, Water saturation, & Permeability) that were distributed for all the created grids and then upscaled.



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Noori, A., Lazim, S. and Ramadhan, A. (2019) “Geological Model of the Tight Reservoir (Sadi Reservoir-Southern of Iraq)”, Journal of Engineering, 25(6), pp. 30-43. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2019.06.03.