Integrating of Lean Six Sigma Methodology and Ergonomics Principles for Improvement in an Assembly Industrial Workstation

  • Iman Qassin Alsaffar College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
  • Hussein Salim Ketan College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
Keywords: lean six sigma, ergonomics, analysis module, priority matrix


Lean Six Sigma methodologies and Ergonomics principles are the main pillars of this work given their importance in the implementation of continuous improvement in assembly workstations design. When looking at the introduction of the Ergonomics that has been affected by the integration of the Lean and Six Sigma for improvements, it is necessary to understand why these methodologies belong to each other and how they can be handled in the industrial field. The aim of the work seeks towards the impact of analyzing the integration of the basics tools of Lean and Six Sigma that enhanced Ergonomics highlighted the importance of using the priority matrix in the selection of the priority criteria. Two models of a system based on building a knowledge base were used to collect and record measurement data from information and facts. The first is the "Process-flow vs. Time Efficiency" relates to "value added and non-value added" activities. The second is the "Work-Condition vs. Ergonomics Effects", which focuses on postural movements of the worker. These integrative models are represented by the application of a system called "LSS + ERGO System". The appropriate state that can deal with this situation is the use of Smart Priority Matrices that will prove to be a useful tool. This method (tool) is possible to understand what actions are potential and important to be implemented, according to the track that the research will be taken. The results show that the improvement suggestions existing in the Improve stage focused on the opportunities that weigh larger than the average (10%)  obtain the acceptable procedures for optimization proposals can be identified as the research plan is presented for implementation. The case study has been implemented in the General Company for Hydraulic Industries/ Damper Assembly Factory.



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Alsaffar, I. and Ketan, H. (2019) “Integrating of Lean Six Sigma Methodology and Ergonomics Principles for Improvement in an Assembly Industrial Workstation”, Journal of Engineering, 25(9), pp. 12-29. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2019.09.2.