Automatic Determination of Liquid's Interface in Crude Oil Tank using Capacitive Sensing Techniques

  • Abdul Muhsin Mahood Abass Control and Systems Engineering Department / University of Technology - Iraq
Keywords: Capacitance sensors, Measurement system, Peripheral interface controller (PIC), effective permittivity.


The petroleum sector has a significant influence on the development of multiphase detection sensor techniques; to separate the crude oil from water, the crude oil tank is used. In this paper, a measuring system using a simple and low cost two parallel plate capacitance sensor is designed and implemented based on a Micro controlled embedded system plus PC to automatically identify the (gas/oil) and (oil/water) dynamic multi-interface in the crude oil tank. The Permittivity differences of two-phase liquids are used to determine the interface of them by measuring the relative changes of the sensor’s capacitance when passes through the liquid’s interface. The experiment results to determine the liquid’s interface is satisfying and close to the theoretical analysis model.


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Abass, A. M. (2019) “Automatic Determination of Liquid’s Interface in Crude Oil Tank using Capacitive Sensing Techniques”, Journal of Engineering, 25(12), pp. 114-121. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2019.12.09.