Design and Analysis WIMAX Network Based on Coverage Planning

  • Ekhlas kadhum hamza Al-khwarizmi College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
  • Shahad Nafea Control and Systems Engineering Department - University of Technology
Keywords: WIMAX Network planning, ICS Telecom, coverage, Baghdad city.


In this paper, wireless network is planned; the network is predicated on the IEEE 802.16e standardization by WIMAX. The targets of this paper are coverage maximizing, service and low operational fees. WIMAX is planning through three approaches. In approach one; the WIMAX network coverage is major for extension of cell coverage, the best sites (with Band Width (BW) of 5MHz, 20MHZ per sector and four sectors per each cell). In approach two, Interference analysis in CNIR mode. In approach three of the planning, Quality of Services (QoS) is tested and evaluated. ATDI ICS software (Interference Cancellation System) using to perform styling. it shows results in planning area covered 90.49% of the Baghdad City and used 1000 mobile subscribers and percentage connect with base station 84.3% on the establish QoS requirements .




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hamza, E. and Nafea, S. (2020) “Design and Analysis WIMAX Network Based on Coverage Planning”, Journal of Engineering, 26(2), pp. 99-110. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2020.02.08.