Wellbore Breakouts Prediction from Different Rock Failure Criteria

  • Aows Khalid Neeamy College of Engineering - University of Baghdad https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0911-6785
  • Nada Sabah Selman College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
Keywords: Zubair Oilfield, wellbore instability, Breakouts prediction, Failure Criteria, Nonproductive time reduction, casing design


One of the wellbore instability problems in vertical wells are breakouts in Zubair oilfield. Breakouts, if exceeds its critical limits will produce problems such as loss circulation which will add to the non-productive time (NPT) thus increasing loss in costs and in total revenues. In this paper, three of the available rock failure criteria (Mohr-Coulomb, Mogi-Coulomb and Modified-Lade) are used to study and predict the occurrence of the breakouts. It is found that there is an increase over the allowable breakout limit in breakout width in Tanuma shaly formation and it was predicted using Mohr-Coulomb criterion. An increase in the pore pressure was predicted in Tanuma shaly formation, thus; a new mud weight and casing programs are proposed to overcome such problems in the drilling operations in field developments plans.


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Neeamy, A. and Selman, N. (2020) “Wellbore Breakouts Prediction from Different Rock Failure Criteria”, Journal of Engineering, 26(3), pp. 55-64. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2020.03.05.