Three-Dimensional Explicit Finite Element Simulation of Piled-Raft Foundation

  • Huda Hussien Ahmed College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
  • Salah R. Al-Zaidee College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
Keywords: Piled-raft Foundation, Mohr Coulomb Model, Explicit Dynamic, Finite Element Analysis.


This paper aims to validate a proposed finite element model to be adopted in predicting displacement and soil stresses of a piled-raft foundation. The proposed model adopts the solid element to simulate the raft, piles, and soil mass. An explicit integration scheme has been used to simulate nonlinear static aspects of the piled-raft foundation and to avoid the computational difficulties associated with the implicit finite element analysis.

The validation process is based on comparing the results of the proposed finite element model with those of a scaled-down experimental work achieved by other researchers. Centrifuge apparatus has been used in the experimental work to generate the required stresses to simulate the actual geostatic stress on the site. Comparing between numerical and experimental results indicate that the proposed finite element model is accurate and adequate and it can be used in future work to simulate more complicated practical problems of piled-raft foundations.

After its validation, this model was used to investigate the effectiveness of using piled with a raft foundation that subjected to eccentric loading. In this parametric study, the value of eccentricity  was taken equal to , , and . The numerical results indicated that there is a significant decrease in the bearing capacity for unpiled raft foundation compared to the piled raft foundation for the same eccentricity of the applied load.



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Ahmed, H. and Al-Zaidee, S. (2020) “Three-Dimensional Explicit Finite Element Simulation of Piled-Raft Foundation”, Journal of Engineering, 26(3), pp. 127-144. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2020.03.11.