Building 1D Mechanical Earth Model for Zubair Oilfield in Iraq

  • Aows Khalid Neeamy College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
  • Nada Sabah Selman College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
Keywords: Oilfield, Mechanical Earth Model, Wellbore Instability, NonProductive Time Reduction, Pore Pressure Prediction


Many problems were encountered during the drilling operations in Zubair oilfield. Stuckpipe, wellbore instability, breakouts and washouts, which increased the critical limits problems, were observed in many wells in this field, therefore an extra non-productive time added to the total drilling time, which will lead to an extra cost spent. A 1D Mechanical Earth Model (1D MEM) was built to suggest many solutions to such types of problems. An overpressured zone is noticed and an alternative mud weigh window is predicted depending on the results of the 1D MEM. Results of this study are diagnosed and wellbore instability problems are predicted in an efficient way using the 1D MEM. Suitable alternative solutions are presented ahead to the drilling process commences in the future operations.


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Neeamy, A. and Selman, N. (2020) “Building 1D Mechanical Earth Model for Zubair Oilfield in Iraq”, Journal of Engineering, 26(5), pp. 47-63. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2020.05.04.