Utilizing the Main Outfall Drain-Addalmage Lake System for Hydroelectric Power Generation


  • Ahmed Naeem Kizar College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
  • Riyadh Z. Azzubaidi College of Engineering-University of Baghdad




Main Outfall Drain, Addalmage Lake, low head turbines, hydropower plant.


The basic idea of the Main Outfall Drain, MOD, was to construct a main channel to collect saline drained water of the irrigation projects within central and southern parts of Iraq and discharge it down to the Arabian Gulf. The MOD has a navigation lock structures near Addalmage Lake at station 299.4km. This structure is designed to ensure navigation within the MOD. The water level difference upstream the cross regulator and the downstream conjugation structure is about 9m. This head difference can be used to generate electrical power by constricting a low head power plant. This study aimed to utilize the head difference in navigation lock structures for power generation. Different operation condition and locations plants were examined. Hydrologic and hydraulic simulations were used to analyze the system of the MOD-Addalmage Lake system. Results showed that the water level are kept below the dike level along the reaches in the all alternatives and the maximum average annual power generated vary between 3.41MW to 5.55MW depending on the selected alternative of operation and the site of the plant



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Kizar, A. N. and Azzubaidi, R. Z. (2019) “Utilizing the Main Outfall Drain-Addalmage Lake System for Hydroelectric Power Generation”, Journal of Engineering, 25(7), pp. 104–117. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2019.07.06.

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