Removal of Cadmium from Industrial Wastewater using Electrocoagulation Process

  • mohammed alameen Salem university of Baghdad / college of engineering
  • Najwa majeed College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
Keywords: Electrocoagulation, cadmium, wastewater


Cadmium is one of the heavy metal found in the wastewater of many industries. The electrocoagulation offers many advantages for the removal of cadmium over other methods. So the removal of cadmium from wastewater by using electrocoagulation was studied to investigate the effect of operating parameters on the removal efficiency. The studied parameters were the initial pH, initial concentration, and applied voltage. The study experiments were conducted in a batch reactor with  with two pairs of aluminum electrodes with dimension  and 2mm in thick with 1.5 cm space between them. The optimum removal was obtained at pH =7, initial concentration = 50 mg/L, and applied voltage = 20 V and it was 90%.


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Salem, mohammed and majeed, N. (2019) “Removal of Cadmium from Industrial Wastewater using Electrocoagulation Process”, Journal of Engineering, 26(1), pp. 24-34. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2020.01.03.