One and Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Simulation of a Reach in Al-Gharraf River


  • Mariam H. Daham College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
  • Basim Sh. Abed College of Engineering - University of Baghdad



River Flow Modelling, Hydraulic Simulation, Hec-Ras 5.0.4.



One and two-dimensional hydraulic models simulations are important to specify the hydraulic characteristics of unsteady flow in Al-Gharraf River in order to define the locations that facing problems and suggesting the necessary treatments. The reach in the present study is 58200m long and lies between Kut and Hai Cities. Both numerical models were simulated using HEC-RAS software, 5.0.4, with flow rates ranging from 100 to 350 m3/s. Multi-scenarios of gates openings of Hai Regulator were applied. While the openings of Al-Gharraf Head Regulator were ranged between 60cm to fully opened. The suitable manning roughness for the unsteady state was 0.025. The obtained results show that the average velocities for the one-dimensional model were ranged between 0.36 and 0.5 m/s,  and the average water surface elevations range between 15.14 m and 17.84 m. While these values ranged between 0.25 and 0.44 m/s and 14.125 and 18.82 m respectively for the two-dimensional model. The simulation results of the two-dimensional model were more accurate than their corresponding one-dimensional model, due to more agreement of these values with measured values, which achieved minimum values of the root mean square error and the determination coefficient.


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Daham, M. H. and Abed, B. S. (2020) “One and Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Simulation of a Reach in Al-Gharraf River”, Journal of Engineering, 26(7), pp. 28–44. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2020.07.03.