Experimental and Theoretical Determination of Settlement of Shallow Footing on Liquefiable Soil


  • Ahmed Mohammed Sadiq Faculty of Engineering - University of Kufa, Iraq- Najaf.
  • Bushra Suhale Albusoda College of Engineering - University of Baghdad




Experimental evaluation, Bentonite, Grouting, Liquefaction, statistical analysis, Settlement, Cement kiln dust.


A high settlement may take place in shallow footing when resting on liquefiable soil if subjected to earthquake loading. In this study, a series of shaking table tests were carried out for shallow footing resting on sand soil. The input motion is three earthquake loadings (0.05g, 0.1g, and 0.2g). The study includes a reviewing of theoretical equations (available in literatures), which estimating settlement of footings due to earthquake loading, calibration, and verification of these equations with data from the shaking table test for improved soil by grouting and unimproved soil. It is worthy to note that the grouting materials considered in this study are the Bentonite and CKD slurries. A modification to the seismic settlement equations, by statistical analysis using SPSS software, had been done to account for the liquefaction state. The modified equation showed a good convergence with the measured settlement values.


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Sadiq, A. M. and Albusoda, B. S. (2020) “Experimental and Theoretical Determination of Settlement of Shallow Footing on Liquefiable Soil”, Journal of Engineering, 26(9), pp. 155–164. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2020.09.10.