Convolutional Multi-Spike Neural Network as Intelligent System Prediction for Control Systems


  • Nadia Adnan Shiltagh Aljamali College of Engineering - University of Baghdad



Convolutional Neural Network, Multi-Spike Neural Network, Non-linear dynamical systems.


The evolution in the field of Artificial Intelligent (AI) with its training algorithms make AI very important in different aspect of the life. The prediction problem of behavior of dynamical control system is one of the most important issue that the AI can be employed to solve it. In this paper, a Convolutional Multi-Spike Neural Network (CMSNN) is proposed as smart system to predict the response of nonlinear dynamical systems. The proposed structure mixed the advantages of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) with Multi -Spike Neural Network (MSNN) to generate the smart structure. The CMSNN has the capability of training weights based on a proposed training algorithm. The simulation results demonstrated that the proposed structure has the ability to predict the response of dynamical systems more powerful than with the CNN. The proposed structure is more powerful than the CNN by 28.33% in terms of minimizing the root mean square error.  


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Aljamali, N. A. S. (2020) “Convolutional Multi-Spike Neural Network as Intelligent System Prediction for Control Systems”, Journal of Engineering, 26(11), pp. 184–194. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2020.11.12.