Proposed Security Framework for Mobile Data Management System


  • Samar Taha Yousif Baghdad College of Economic Sciences University Baghdad, Iraq
  • Zaid Abass Fadahl Baghdad College of Economic Sciences University Baghdad, Iraq



Mobile data Management System, Security Requirement, Security Framework, Smartphones, tablet PCs.


Portable devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and PDAs are a useful combination of hardware and software turned toward the mobile workers. While they present the ability to review documents, communicate via electronic mail,  appointments management, meetings, etc. They usually lack a variety of essential security features. To address the security concerns of sensitive data, many individuals and organizations, knowing the associated threats mitigate them through improving authentication of users, encryption of content, protection from malware, firewalls,  intrusion prevention, etc. However, no standards have been developed yet to determine whether such mobile data management systems adequately provide the fundamental security functions demanded by organizations and whether these functions have been securely developed. Therefore, this paper proposes a security framework for mobile data that combines core security mechanisms to avoid these problems and protects sensitive information without spending time and money deploying several new applications.


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Yousif, S. T. and Fadahl, Z. A. (2021) “Proposed Security Framework for Mobile Data Management System”, Journal of Engineering, 27(7), pp. 13–23. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2021.07.02.