Advertising Technology and Visual Attraction of Cities Centers

  • Inaam Albazzaz, Dr College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
  • Hanan Dhiyaa Hussien, MSc student College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
Keywords: Urban Screens , Media Facades ,Visual Attraction.


Advertising technology represents a component of elements of the visual attraction in the urban scape, made its way transmission process of messages between the ends of the source ofinformation (sender) and the Destination information (receiver) of the final recipient of themessage, It serves as a social marked and a means of cultural expression, It is part of the inalienable in creating identity and determine the spatial relationships and also is a reflection ofurban culture to the community. This technology has become an increasing feature of the present era, characterized as the era of the three revolutions: (the information revolution, the technologyrevolution, and the media revolution), Where it became an integral part of the visual system surrounding of urban our environment in which we live,, And it worked to change the contemporary urban experience through the attraction and love to stay and stimulating social interactions within a decade and urban spaces that contain the contemporary urban forms, and this is what it will focus the research. The research’s problem is determined by :there is no clear perception about the definition of advertisement technology and its impact on the urban scape of the city centers according the concept of visual attraction.
And clarify the goal of research in : Definition advertising technology and determine the most important aspects and indicators according the concept of visual attraction of the city centers. To achieve this goal was adopted the following approach: building a conceptual framework for technology advertising through definition of the basic concepts of research and review the historical development of it within the framework of the urban scape, and then a study of the
most important intellectual concepts associated represented by (communication theory) and built in investigating this technology (communication channel) aims  to deliver a message or information from the sender to the receiver, and then a review of the most important spaces of the approved city centers on advertising technology in its design in the light of the theoretical framework found in the research.  The research found the conclusions of the group summed up in the idea: that technology advertising is part of the urban scape of the centers of contemporary cities, aims to active urban spaces and create tourist landmarks and attractors elements ,It works to attract the attention of the public and increase understanding and awareness levels, in addition to its positive role in
enhancing the image of the urban scape through several mechanisms: attractions characteristics by achieving factor: : (spatial dimension - dynamics content that is (interactively or expressions), and functional attract (marketing- tourist- social) and depending on a number of effects which :( effects of consumer culture, influences social, economic effects).  


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