Guidelines for Authors

Author Guidelines

Instructions for Authors 

  • The manuscript can be sent using the Submission system on the Journal website, for more information, please click on the following link: 

  • The manuscript is subject to the Turnitin plagiarism detection software before sending to reviewers. Allowable plagiarism percentage below 20 %.
  • The referenced facts adopted in the manuscript should not be taken from arbitrary Internet sites, but only those that rely on research published in international or local journals, books, dissertations, and
  • The research undertaking and submission request forms (available in the Download Supplement Section) should be completed formally and submitted before any action is taken by the Journal.
  • Four files should be sent to the Journal when the author makes a new submission as follows:
  1. Article with names in Docx/doc format.
  2. Article without names in Docx/doc format.
  3. Declaration form in pdf format.
  4. Copyright form in pdf format.
  • Journal of Engineering applies the license of Attribution- 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). If you need to know information on this license, please follow this link:
  • The amount of (75,000) Iraqi Dinars for publication fees will be paid after accepting the manuscript for publishing.
  • Submission fees are dropped for the first manuscript published by foreign authors.
  • The author must incorporate revisions required by referees within a maximum period of 45 days; however, the final copy of the manuscript should be viewed and approved by the author within a maximum of seven days.
  • The author/s should declare if any, national or international organizations explicitly cover such fees for articles originating in funded research projects. If the author/s does not announce it and if the grant authorities have a conflict, in this case, the manuscript will be rejected at any step of the publishing process. If the paper was already published, in this case, the Journal marks the paper as "retracted".
Publishing Instructions:
1. Manuscripts and articles must not exceed 20 pages including even the figures and tables.
2. Researcher (register /login) to the journal website and submits the following files
Two copies of his manuscript (with and without names) according to the journal requirements and instructions.
Declaration form and Copyright form have to be filled (Please, Download them from the journal homepage).
3. The journal requirements and instructions are shown below (you can download the journal template from the homepage):


Manuscript Template

  • The Manuscript should be written in English only.
  • An Arabic Abstract should be provided (200 to 250 words) with Arabic author's names and Affiliation.
  • Prepare text using MS Word 2010 (or later).
  • Paper size: A4, the margins should be 1” in all directions (Top, Down, Right, Lift). The submitted manuscript has only one column.
  • Font type: Cambria.
  • Title: pt. 14, bold, centered, capitalize first letter.
  • Authors’ Names: pt. 10, bold, centered.
  • Authors' Addresses: pt. 10, the corresponding author should be mentioned (email address and mobile number should be included).
  • The manuscript’s main titles (abstract, introduction, material, methods of work, results, and discussion): pt. 12, bold, UPPERCASE, left justified.
  • The keywords are written under the Abstract (five keywords) In order sequence using the English alphabet.
  • Manuscript text: pt. 12, single space.
  • Subsection heading: pt. 12, bold, left justified, with the first letter capitalized.
  • Equations: use the equation editor to create the equation. The equation and formula must be written in italics and numbered consecutively with Arabic members in parentheses on the right hand of the page. It must be referred to an equation as Eq. (1) throughout the article.
  • Tables: All tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals. Headings should be placed above tables, center justified.
  • The full word "Figure" is used as a heading under the shape or what it represents and an abb. Word “Fig.” is used anywhere in the text.
  • Tables and shapes are placed in the results in the sequence mentioned, not at the end of the manuscript.
  • All numbers are written in the Arabic numerals system (e.g. 1,2,3, ..... )
  • The manuscript text alignment should be justified.
  • Line and paragraph spacing should be: 1.0
  • Nomenclature: The list of nomenclature must be started with Latin characters, then Greek ones in lowercase with units and should be sorted alphabetically.


References should be added at the end of the paper, and its corresponding citation will be added in the order of their appearance in the text. Authors should ensure that every reference in the text appears in the list of references and vice versa. Indicate references by Clark et al., 1962 or Deal and Grove, 2009 or Fachinger, 2006 in the text. The references should be referred to through the research in Bold. The last name and the year are given, as an example: Duprez, 2007 For two: Duprez and Dumont, 2007 For more than that:  Duprez, et al., 2007

The references must be gathered at the end of the research in alphabetical form without numbering and a line must be left before and after each reference.

For a journal article:

Al-Kayiem, Hussain H., Sidik, M. Firdaus Bin M. and Munusammy, Yuganthira R.A.L., 2010, Study on the thermal accumulation and distribution inside a parked car cabin, American journal of applied sciences, 7(6),784-789.

For book:

Mastalerz,  J.W., 1977, The Greenhouse Environment, John Wiley and Sons, New York.

For online:

PROCESS Corp.,  MA.  Intranets:  Internet technologies deployed behind the firewall for corporate productivity. Presented at INET96 Annual Meeting. [Online]. Available:

Appendix A

Authors including an appendix section should do so after the References section. Multiple appendices should all have headings in the style used above. They will automatically be ordered A, B, C, etc.

  • Example of a sub-heading within an appendix

There is also the option to include a subheading within the Appendix if you wish.


Authors who receive a decision of Minor Revision or Major Revision have 45 days to resubmit the revised manuscript.