Journal Editorial Policy

  • Editor Responsibilities are publication decision, conditionality, and conflicts of interest.
  • The published articles are freely available online immediately to anyone, anywhere. The manuscripts are only considered in the journal if they are not previously published and if they are not under consideration for publication or in press elsewhere.
  • All manuscript submissions must be subject to initial evaluation by an Editor. If it is considered suitable, it will be subjected to double-blind peer review by referees who are independent and experts.
  • If in any case, a manuscript is proved to be a replicate research or shows similar results to a previously published research, the authors should give a rationale for their work. The existing literature should be discussed and referenced appropriately.
  • The requirements of the publication can easily be found by readers and authors on the homepage of the journal.
  • Researchers must direct their research from proposal to publication according to sets of professional and accepted rules.


    • Ethical standards are very important to ensure the high quality of scientific work.
    • It must be ensured that all submitted papers are conducted in a manner, which is totally ethical and responsible.
    • Also, the chief and the members of the editorial board assure not to reveal the information related to the papers except that necessary and which are confirmed by authors, editors, and publisher.
    • Any information given in the unpublished papers cannot be used by the chief or members of the editorial board in their own researches.
    • With respect to the assessment of manuscripts, the editors and the referees must follow the given guidelines by the journal.

Publication Decision

    • The submitted researches to the journal must be approved by the editorial board. Papers must meet the conditions of publications, from the scientific point of view, its language, and plagiarism. The manuscript is subject to different elements: the extent of copied material, originality of copied material, position, etc. It must be known that every case is distinctive. This will make the choices different for each case. The journal tries to ensure the published research to be clear, important and is supplied according to the announced conditions by it.
    • The reviewer's task is to help the editorial board to take the right decision. The reviewers confidential reviewing is taken into consideration by the editorial board. They must deal in a confidential way with the research to be reviewed by them.
    • The reviews must inform the editorial board at the right time if they can not complete the revision process.
    • On the other hand, the researcher must comply with publication policy of the journal. This includes the writing style or template provided by the journal. The research must not include results from other published papers. This is not acceptable and unethical, for this reason, the author has to sign a pledge provided by the journal. In addition to the different obligations, it must be guaranteed by the editors that all manuscripts to be published in the journal are reviewed for their scientific content.
    • The researcher must not submit the same work to more than one journal. He is not allowed to submit a pre-reviewed research by another journal.
    • The authors are aware that their papers will be archived, citable and accessible.
    • The names of the authors must be given in the right way. In case there is more than one author, one of them must be the coordinator whom the journal can contact.