Buckling Loads and Effective Length Factor for Non-Prismatic Columns

  • Taghreed Hassan Ibrahim, Ass. Lect. College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
Keywords: Buckling load, non-prismatic, finite element, eigenvalue.


Based on a finite element analysis using Matlab coding, eigenvalue problem has been formulated and solved for the buckling analysis of non-prismatic columns. Different numbers of elements per column length have been used to assess the rate of convergence for the model. Then the proposed model has been used to determine the critical buckling load factor () for the idealized supported columns based on the comparison of their buckling loads with the corresponding hinge supported columns . Finally in this study the critical buckling factor () under end force (P) increases by about 3.71% with the tapered ratio increment of 10% for different end supported columns and the relationship between normalized critical load and slenderness ratio was generalized.



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