Facters affected trends of Contemporary Mosques Architecture

  • Zainab Hussein Ra'ouf, Instructor Department of architecture-technology university
  • Assmaa Muhammed Al- Muqram, Ass. Prof. Dr. Department of architecture-technology university
Keywords: traditional mosque architecture, styles, contemporary mosque architecture.


Recently new trends of mosques’ architecture have appeared. These trends differed from those of traditional ones in charictaristics which include two and three dimentional level. The traditional mosques' architecture are affected by several factors, so the research problem is (lack of knoweledge about factors forming traditional mosques' architecture and its effect on contemporary trends of mosques' architecture).The hypotheses of research is (the functional, aesthetic and symbolic religious factors of style are the most active factors in forming contemporary trends of mosques' architecture than religious and environmental factor).The research conclusion is that the symbolic functional factor is most effective factor in forming the layout of contemporary trends of mosques architecture while aesthetic and symbolic religious factors  represent the factors that form main prayer hall  and formal level of new trends.   



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