Brackish Water Desalination Coupled With Wastewater Treatment and Electricity Generation

  • Zainab Ziad Ismail, Ass. Prof. Dr. College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
  • Mohammed Abdulkhaleq Ibrahim, Instructor College of Engineering – University of Nahrain
Keywords: microbialfuel cell, desalination, osmosis, electricity generation, wastewater.


A new bio-electrochemical system was proposed for simultaneous removal of organic matters and salinity from actual domestic wastewater and synthetically prepared saline water, respectively. The performance of a three-chambered microbial osmotic fuel cell (MOFC) provided with forward osmosis (FO) membrane and cation exchange membrane (CEM) was evaluated with respect to the chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal from wastewater, electricity generation, and desalination of saline water. The MOFC wasinoculated with activated sludge and fueled with actual domestic wastewater. Results revealed that maximum removal efficiency of COD from wastewater, TDS removal efficiency from saline water, power density, and current density were 96%, 90%, 30.02 mW/m2, and 107.20 mA/m2, respectively.




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Ismail, Z. and Ibrahim, M. (2015) “Brackish Water Desalination Coupled With Wastewater Treatment and Electricity Generation”, Journal of Engineering, 21(5), pp. 35-44. Available at: (Accessed: 25October2020).

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