The Impact of Urban Solid Waste Management on Urban Environment

  • د. خالد عبد الوهاب قسم هندسة العمارة - جامعة النهرين
  • د. نوفل جوزيف رزقو قسم هندسة العمارة - جامعة النهرين


The growing population and the rising standard of living in cities as well as the increased commercial, industrial and agricultural activities around the world led to
massive production of waste containing different materials and one of them is the municipal solid waste (MSW), so there is a major problem facing the cities around the world about the waste, how to collect, transfer it and how to discard it. Because the accumulation of wastes, whether in the city alleys or in its squares and especially in its residential areas affect the health of their populations besides this situation will be a major indication of the deteriorating quality of life in the city, as hygiene considered a fundamental criterion for the city beauty as well as an indication of the protection provided by the city to their environment and the level of protection provided to the health of city residence. The accumulated waste which is left in the city without treatment significantly affects the psychological behavior of the residence of these areas towards their community and environment and therefore their behavior towards their regions and their cities. From here emerged the general research problem concerning the modern civilization and its lifestyle that produced great amounts of (municipal solid waste), which became a big problem facing the modern cities concerning their collection, transportation and finally their disposal, how can these great amounts of waste be used whether by recycling, energy recovery or transferring to plant fertilizers ... etc. To serve the sustainable growth of these modern cities, this
lead to the specific research problem concerning the lack of clarity concerning the impact of waste collection, transporting and treating and city urban environment and its townscape. Research Hypothesis: The process of collecting, transporting and . treating city solid waste or using it has a great impact on city urban environment and its townscape.    


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