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Thamir Al- Azawi
Raad Al-Azawi


in this study a proposed design for reinforced conerete barriers in industrial units is presented. The barriers are deemed to mitigate the hazards of internal explosions to protect the surroundings. The Technical Manual (TM5-1300) for fortified struetures recommends the use of lacing reinforcement barrier walls when the plastic rotation exceeds a specified limit. Such reinforcement is essential in shear design but it needs special skill and additional cost. To avoid using lacing reinforcement, walls of grillage system is proposed in this study to reduce the plastic rotation of pancls. The panels are designed to respond plastically, while the grillage members respond clastieally. This is advantageous from reeruiting point of view since only the blast-damaged panets mav be repaired.

Results have shown that the (SDOF) analysis method as recommended by the (TM5-1300 (D.C. 1992 gives an upper bound solution as compared with the (F.E) method. Cubicles of ribbed wills show higher blast resistance and exhibits smaller plastic support rotation of panels than that of a Sided alls. The minimum thickness required to avoid using lacing reinforcement have been blaned for ditferent cases of grillage arrangements and charge weights.

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“A PROPOSED DESIGN FOR R.C BLAST RESISTANT BARRIERS” (2005) Journal of Engineering, 11(02), pp. 247–261. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2005.02.04.

How to Cite

“A PROPOSED DESIGN FOR R.C BLAST RESISTANT BARRIERS” (2005) Journal of Engineering, 11(02), pp. 247–261. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2005.02.04.

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