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Mohammed.Z. Al-Faiz
Yousif.L Al-Mashhidina


Bank to turn (BTT) control is used to implement a command - to line of- sight (CLOS) guidance law. Physical description of the prineiples involved is given and a order nonlincar deterministic model proposed. Conventional control is used to design a closed loop controller for the nonlinear system

Continuous system simulation techniques are employed to explain the effect of bank turn on cross coupling of yaw, pitch and roll channels. Detailed simulation studies are then used for a wide range of engagement sinearieous for trajectory of Missile/ Target interception. The target model is considered for three cases: stationary, moving and maneuvering targets. Satisfactory results are bbtained for capturing the targets.

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“CLOS GUIDANCE FOR BANK TO TURN MISSILE” (2005) Journal of Engineering, 11(03), pp. 441–453. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2005.03.01.

How to Cite

“CLOS GUIDANCE FOR BANK TO TURN MISSILE” (2005) Journal of Engineering, 11(03), pp. 441–453. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2005.03.01.

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