Published: 2023-04-11

Response of Laced Reinforced Concrete One Way Slab to Repeated Loading

Abaas Abdulmajeed Allawi, Ass. Prof, Hussain Askar Jabir, Ass. Lect.


Evaluation of Maintenance Management in Iraqi Governmental Buildings

Qasim Mohammed Doos, Prof. Dr., Kadhim Raheem Al-Saadwi, Ass. Prof. Dr., Haider Khaleel Ibraheem


Movement of Irrigation Water in Soil from a Surface Emitter

Ibrahim Abbas Dawood, MSc student, Safa Noori Hamad, Prof. Dr.


Sliding Mode Vibration Suppression Control Design for a Smart Beam

Mohsin N. Hamzah, Ass. Prof. Dr., Shibly Ahmed Al-Samarraie, Ass. Prof. Dr., Imad Abdulhussein Abdulsahib, Ass. Lect.


Permeability Prediction for Nahr-Umr Reservoir / Subba field by Using FZI Method

Sameera M. Hamd- Allah, Ass. Prof. Dr., Basim Mohammed Noor, Consultant, Ahmed Radhe Watten, MSc student


Improvement of Traffic Movement for Roads Network in Al-Kadhimiya City Center

Mohammed Qadir Ismael, Ass. Prof. Dr., Ali Jasim Mohammed, MSc student


Calculating the Transport Density Index from Some of the Productivity Indicators for Railway Lines by Using Neural Networks

Sawsan Rasheed Mohamed, Ass. Prof. Dr., Abbas Mohammed Mohammed Burhan, Lecturer, Ahmed Mohammed Ali Hadi, Lecturer