Published: 2023-04-11

Experimental Behavior of Laced Reinforced Concrete One Way Slab under Static Load

Abbas AbdulMajeed Allawi, Ass. Prof. Dr., Hussain Askar Jabir, Ass. Lect.


Three-Dimensional Finite Element Simulation of the Buried Pipe Problem in Geogrid Reinforced Soil

Mohammed Yousif Fattah, Prof. Dr., Bushra Suhail Zbar, Ass. Prof. Dr., Hala Hamed. Mohammed Al-Kalali, Graduate student


Production of Methyl Ester (Biodiesel) from Used Cooking Oils via Trans-esterification process

Sameer Mohammed Salman, Ass. Prof. Dr., Malik Mustafa Mohammed, Ass. Prof. Dr., Fatima Lateef Mohammed, MSc student


Numerical Investigation Using Harmonic and Transient Analysis To Rotor Dynamics

Adnan Naji Jameel Al Tamimi, Prof. Dr., Jassim Farij Thijeel Al Draji, PhD. student


Temperature Effect on Power Drop of Different Photovoltaic Modules

Emad Talib Hahsim, Ass. Prof. Dr., Akram Abdulameer Abbood, MSc student