Published: 2023-04-07

Indoor Positioning and Monitoring System Using Smartphone and WLAN (IPMS)

Hamid Mohammed Ali, Ass. Prof. Dr., Alaa Hamza Omran, MSc student


Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in a Vertical Saturated Concentric Annulus Packed with a Metallic Porous Media

Mohammed A. Nima, Dr, Sarmad A. Abdal Hussein, Ass. Lect., Saud S. Hameed, Engineer


Reduction of Noise and Vibration of Spur Gear by Using Asymmetric Teeth Profiles with Tip Relief

Mohammad Qasim Abdullah, Prof. Dr., Adnan Naji Jameel, Prof. Dr., Husam Saad Hasan, PhD. student


Dynamic Analysis of Fluid – Structure Interaction of Axial Fan System

Assim Hameed Yousif, Prof. Dr., Wafa Abd Soud Aljanabi, Dr, Ali Mohammedridha Mahdi, Researcher