The Constituents of Active Structure in Contemporary Architectural Products

  • Anas Hameed Majeed Al-Jubori, Ass. Lect. College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
Keywords: Structural System, Constructional Structure, Structural composition.


The structure is considered in its scientific formula one of the concepts which complete the architectural image that seeks to take out an effective and attractive structure in contemporary architectural production, especially that the structure -in general- represents strength in addition to delight and functional benefits according to Vitruvius trinity. So, the role of structure depends on making its aesthetical properties able to give efficiency within architectural product. That has come through adoption of intellectual mechanism of structural means and details –as a whole or parts- and focused on structure with the recipient's needs, aesthetical, and sensory purposes in addition to its fundamental role of stability, especially that the modern technology –in design and construction- has helped effectively to solve the formal and structural symbols of contemporary architectural product. Hence, it is necessary to put a knowledge gap to understand the constituents' intention and effective impact of structure beside the integration of the functional, sensual and aesthetical vocabulary, which represents a research problem.

This research aims to highlight the potentials of structural connotations -which support the architectural products– and design connotations –which cooperate to create an active structure by its parts and vocabulary in order to determine the factors of architectural structrure effectiveness which represent the architectural value system for contemporary structural creative.




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