Design and Implementation of Classical Sliding Mode Controller for Ball and Plate System

  • Laith Jasim Saud, Ass. Prof. Dr. Control and Systems Eng. Dep. - University of Technology
  • Marwa Mohammed Alwan, MSc student Control & Systems Eng. Dept. University of Technology
Keywords: Ball and Plate, Sliding Mode Controller, Arduino.


Ball and Plate (B&P) system is a benchmark system in the control engineering field that has been used to verify many control methods. In this paper the design of a sliding mode . controller has been investigated and verified in real-time via implementation on a real ball and plate system hardware. The mathematical model has been derived and the necessary parameters have been measured. The sliding mode controller has been designed based on the obtained mathematical model. The resulting controller has been implemented using the Arduino Mega 2560 and a ball and plate system built completely from scratch. The Arduino has been programmed by the Arduino support target for Simulink. Three test signals has been used for verification purposes, namely: single point stabilizing, circular trajectory tracking, and square trajectory tracking. The results obtained have shown that sliding mode controller is able to follow the desired test signals with low error.


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Saud, L. and Alwan, M. (2017) “Design and Implementation of Classical Sliding Mode Controller for Ball and Plate System”, Journal of Engineering, 23(6), pp. 74-92. Available at: (Accessed: 22September2020).