Efficient Cost Management in the Housing Projects

  • Safaa AL-Deen Husain Department of architecture-technology university
  • sajeda kadum alkindi College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
  • Kreem Hassn Alwan Institute of Technology - Middle Technical University
Keywords: Efficient Cost Management in the Housing Projects


The cost management of cost indicators in housing projects, on the level of planning and design, is the most important quality indicators, for adoption of strategies of planning and design efficient in managing these indicators. So this research points out the need to highlight the most effective and influential cost indicators in housing projects, and to determine strategies in the management of these indicators in order to raise the efficiency of housing projects quality, to seemly the income level target group, taking into consideration the quality of housing standards, to achieve the basic requirements of housing. This paper highlights the importance of the cost  management, the types of housing cost, the method of  control and the most important planning and design strategies to be adopted in order to achieve efficient cost management in housing projects. One local project under construction was selected as case study, to evaluate the application of the indicators the efficiency of the cost management on planning and design levels.


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Husain, S. A.-D., alkindi, sajeda and Alwan, K. (2018) “Efficient Cost Management in the Housing Projects”, Journal of Engineering, 24(1), pp. 1-21. Available at: http://joe.uobaghdad.edu.iq/index.php/main/article/view/510 (Accessed: 12August2020).