Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Axial Load and Cyclic Lateral Load

  • Rafaa Mahmood Abbas, Dr College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
  • Akram Ghulam Awazli, MSc student College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
Keywords: reinforced concrete columns, axial load, column failure, FEM, strength, cyclic load


Columns subjected to pure axial load rarely exist in practice. Reinforced concrete columns are usually subjected to combination of axial and lateral actions and  deformations, caused by  spatially‐complex loading patterns as during earthquakes causes lateral deflection that in turn affects the horizontal stiffness. In this study, a numerical model was developed in threedimensional nonlinear finite element and then validated against experimental results reported in the literatures,
to investigate the behavior of conventionally RC columns subjected to axial load and  . lateral reversal cyclic loading. To achieve this goal, numerical analysis was conducted by using finite element program ABAQUS/Explicit. The variables considered in this study were axial load index, concrete compressive strength, column aspect ratio, longitudinal and transverse reinforcement ratios. According to numerical case studies, the results revealed that axial load index and longitudinal reinforcement ratio have the most impact on the column response. Also, increasing concrete compressive strength and reducing column aspect ratio resulted in increasing strength capacity of the column. Moreover, increasing lateral confinement by transverse reinforcement at the column ends increases the flexural strength of a flexure-controlled RC columns.


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