Evaluation of the Current Status of the Cost Control Processes in Iraqi Construction Projects


  • Nagham N. Abbas College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
  • Abbas M. Burhan College of Engineering - University of Baghdad




Cost Control, Construction Project, Evaluation.


One of the most important problems of Iraqi construction projects is the cost variances, so it is important to identify the problems and shortcomings that cause poor cost control. Through the utilization of questionnaires, the study evaluated how project costs were managed and reported. The questionnaire was distributed to 180 professionals working in the Iraqi construction sector, with a response rate of 91%. The results showed that a high percentage of projects are implemented with a difference between real and estimated costs, and the process of documenting cost data needs to be more secure. On the other hand, there is a weakness in providing the necessary work structure information to monitor costs and a lack of processing of the required data regarding mechanisms and equipment and problems. It is related to the accuracy of the estimation and the management and documentation of labor wages. Most of the problems are the lack of appropriate systems to implement cost control appropriately.


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Abbas, N. N. . . and M. Burhan, A. . (2023) “Evaluation of the Current Status of the Cost Control Processes in Iraqi Construction Projects”, Journal of Engineering, 29(1), pp. 128–144. doi: 10.31026/j.eng.2023.01.08.