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Ammar A. Hassan


The image processing is one from the most powerful fields in the modern DSP techniques; also it has wide range of applications this day such as image compression, filtering and coloring. However, these processes required to a huge data processing so it has a problem under real time or movie.The huge data processing under real time requires spatial processing tools such as super parallel processing computers or spatial hardware systems. This paper introduces a mechanism of coloring gray scale image algorithm through dedicated hardware devices.The FPGA devices are used as a more suitable platform for image processing applications, special methods of parallelism and pipelining technique can be reconfigured and synthesized on FPGA categories, Xilinx series are selected as a platform of coloring algorithm by transferring the color property between par image, source (colored) and target (gray) images.The algorithm colorizes each gray scaled pixel by matching chromatic value of it with each pixel of colored image and synthesis it on the Xilinx FPGA devices using VHDL synthesizer tool. Many computational and process manners of this scherme are presented bit precision for each pixel of pair image of 8-Finally, testing and performance of this technique obtained on ISE 4.1i software implementation and comparing results.

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“COLORING OF GRAY-SCALE IMAGE USING FPGA” (2024) Journal of Engineering, 16(04), pp. 5932–5945. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2010.04.17.

How to Cite

“COLORING OF GRAY-SCALE IMAGE USING FPGA” (2024) Journal of Engineering, 16(04), pp. 5932–5945. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2010.04.17.

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