Optimal Indicators to Select the Engineering Consultancy Office For Higher Education Institutions in Iraq


  • Meervat altaie, Dr College of Engineering-University of Baghdad


Contract, Engineering Consultancy Office, Indicators, Signe test.


Expansion the engineering consultancy offices in the universities of Iraq, about (14) offices, leading to increas the competition between them, especially after the great trends of Iraqi government agencies to use the academic experiences and their efficiencies in general, due to non-existence of the engineering qualification in the government institutions to do the engineering designs ,supervision of projects and other engineering works which are practicing by the engineering consultancy offices in order to get the best performance of the work.Within this serious competition, needing a specific approach to enable government agencies to choose the optimal and alternative consultancy office to meet specific project and not rely on cronyism and personal relationships that have become prevalent in Iraq and causing administrative corruption, which will not achieve the owner requirements and thus will affect the requirements needed in the project .  The researcher used the descriptive analysis to describe and evaluate the results of the study using the sign test which is a non-parametric test, appropriate in ordinal data. Decision makers can use the final results to select the suitable engineering office, it can be regarded as an important database through the support of the basic criteria and subcriteria used in the analysis compiled by a researcher from the International and Arab refernces as well as a realistic local criteria in Iraq.


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