Published: 2023-04-11

Application Artificial Forecasting Techniques in Cost Management (review)

Faiq Mohammed Sarhan Al-Zwainy, Ass. Prof. Dr., Neran Taher Hadal, MSc student


Prediction of Monthly Fluoride Content in Tigris River using SARIMA Model in R Software

Awatif Soaded Alsaqqar, Ass. Prof. Dr., Basim Hussein Khudair, Ass. Prof. Dr., Rasha Attwan Faraj, Ass. Lect.


Some Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Magnetic Reactive Powder Concrete Containing Nano Silica

Zain El-Abdin Raouf, Prof. Dr., Rafia H. Al-Suhaili, Prof. Dr., Zainab H. Mahdi, Lecturer


Galvanic Corrosion of Carbon Steel -Stainless Steel Couple in Sulfuric Acid under Flow Conditions

Basim Obed Hasan, Ass. Prof. Dr., Naseer Abood Al-habubi, Ass. Prof. Dr., Samar Saadi Hussien, PhD. student


Exploring the Factors Affecting the Elemental Cost Estimation with Relationship Analysis Using AHP

Ahmed Mohammed Raoof Mahjoob, Dr, Mervat Raziq Wali, Dr, Hiba Akram Atyah, Ass. Lect.