Performance Evaluation of the Investment Projects during the Implementation Phase (Najaf province as a case study)


  • Kadhim Raheem Erzaij, Ass. Prof. Dr. College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
  • Dhefaf Madlool Aljanabei, MSc student College of Engineering-University of Baghdad


evaluation, investment, Implementation, performance


The construction project is a very complicated work by its nature and requires specialized knowledge to lead it to success. The construction project is complicated socially, technically and economically in its planning, management and implementation aspects due to the fact that it has many variables and multiple stakeholders in addition to being affected by the surrounding environment. Successful projects depend on three fundamental points which are cost-time, performance and specifications. The project stakeholder's objective to achieve best specifications and the cost-time frame stipulated in the contract.

The question is, was the optimum implementation accomplished? The provision for the success of the project is how are the daily activities managed by the three stakeholders of the project (contractor, owner, and consultant) and their technical and practical capability to attain the balance of the project fundamental points (cost, time and quality) taking into account the project objectives that were set by the owner. Despite the way, logical framework management and project’s major steps there is a group of elements which become major measures to determine the success or failure of the project, the research interested in these elements by a thorough study of references related to the success of a constructional project. To reinforce the theoretical study a field assessment of the housing project; this led to the recognition of the major elements that caused breaches of the evaluation criteria.

The closed questionnaire and the regular forms based on the data and information collected through the theoretical review and the closed questionnaire to conclude and examine some concepts related by assessing the quality of building materials used in residential investment projects through the stages (planning - design-implementation)

Through the research a lot of deductions were made, the most important is that there cannot be an evaluation system without having a holistic monitoring system in Iraq. It was also deduced that the most important source of project failure is not allocating enough time to the planning phase. Some other recommendations and suggestions for future studies were made also.



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