The Effect of The Utilitarian Need For the High Water Tanks Towers to Sustain Life in the City

  • Amjad Mahmoud a. Albadry, Dr College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
Keywords: water towers, elevated water storages, water management, storage capacity, composite elevated storage tanks, multi-column elevated storage tanks, fluted elevated storage tanks.


      The service system has become a necessity of life in modern cities to be the most basic necessities of modern humans, they constitute a major base, which is based on the sustainability of life in the city and a standard measured through the degree of well-being and progress of civilized peoples and their interaction with the surrounding environment, making the services sector as a need not be an option, whenever the cities widened in population and space whenever provision of services and upgrading the quality and quantity more pressing, which made the subject of the services takes the biggest area of the trends and thinking of urban planners and those who in charge of drawing the cities policies. Considering that the processing and transfer of the water system with all its components (stations – water tanks -transmission and distribution pipelines), it is one of the most important parts of the services systems in the city. It has become a key element of the arteries of the establishment of life, but for several considerations of most important ( like storage of water and supplied with
constant pressure that balanced without wobbling at the peak daytime hours with the necessary provision of water to fight fires , as well as secured it to the sectors of city  n the maintenance time of the parts of the water system or the occurrence of a failure, with the need to confirm the save and generate energy factor in renewable way). For this in whole and others,  the elevated water towers cornerstone of the pillars of the water system was made that can be indispensable in providing outsourcing and distribution network , and on the grounds that the case study concerning our capital Baghdad and its suffering of the water distribution and pressure intermittent problems, this research aims to clarify the idea of the elevated water tanks have become an important actor and is a part of the process and transport of the water in the city's system, and that its presence in a thoughtful siting and storage capacities and sufficient numbers will reduce the cost of the service system and its problems and provides continuously a constant pressure is to rescue the city from the overtaking problems on the network, while avoiding the problems experienced by interruptions in the water supply process, especially in the summer, which will make the water tanks
as a necessary structures and essential elements of attractions for recreational activities and benchmarks functions within the city.


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