Study of Drop Size Distribution in RTL Contactor

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Adil A.A. Al-Hemiri
Yahya J. Jany


The present work studied the drop size distribution in the RTL contactor using two liquid-liquid systems, xylene-acetone-water and kerosene-acetone-water. Process variables studied were: rpm (10-50 min-1), continuous phase flow rate (4-12 l/h), dispersed phase flow rate (4-12 l/h), and concentration (0.1-0.5 mole/l). It was found that Sauter mean drop diameter (d32) decreased with increasing rpm and continuous phase flow rate, and decreasing dispersed phase flow rate and concentration. An empirical correlation, with a correlation coefficient equal to (92.6%), relating d32 with process variables was developed having the form:

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“Study of Drop Size Distribution in RTL Contactor” (2008) Journal of Engineering, 14(04), pp. 2959–2974. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2008.04.07.

How to Cite

“Study of Drop Size Distribution in RTL Contactor” (2008) Journal of Engineering, 14(04), pp. 2959–2974. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2008.04.07.

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