Numerical Simulation of the Behaviour of RC T-Beams Strengthened by EB-CFRP Composites Under Bending and Shear Effects

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Hasan Ehssan Alobaidi
Alaa Hussein Al-Zuhairi


This article presents the results of numerical simulations performed using ABAQUS/CAE version 2019. The study aims to evaluate the structural integrity of reinforced concrete (RC) T-beams strengthened with externally bonded carbon fiber reinforcements polymer composite materials (EB) (CFRP), especially their response to bending and shear forces. The numerical model was validated by comparing the numerical and experimental results of eight RC T-beams. The numerical analysis was then extended to include various factors, including the impact of the tilt angle of the U-CFRP shell on the shear strength. The goal of this numerical extension is to implement a numerical model capable of simulating the nonlinear behavior of these beams accurately. A comparative analysis is also performed on the experimental and computational models, focusing on the damage modes and their load-induced deformation characteristics. The results showed a satisfactory level of agreement between the two sides. The average ratio of ultimate load to deflection in the numerical model simulation and experimental beam test is 1.004 and 1.046, respectively. The main finding is that inclined U-CFRP deformed at a 45° angle exhibits greater shear stiffness than beams embedded with vertical CFRP panels at a 90° angle, maintaining a constant  CFRP panel spacing.

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“Numerical Simulation of the Behaviour of RC T-Beams Strengthened by EB-CFRP Composites Under Bending and Shear Effects” (2024) Journal of Engineering, 30(07), pp. 59–76. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2024.07.04.

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“Numerical Simulation of the Behaviour of RC T-Beams Strengthened by EB-CFRP Composites Under Bending and Shear Effects” (2024) Journal of Engineering, 30(07), pp. 59–76. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2024.07.04.

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