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Ghassan A. AL – Kindi
Kawakib A. K. AL – Mendwi


ليلى القره غولي, [3/2/2024 10:03 AM]
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ليلى القره غولي, [3/2/2024 10:08 AM]
This paper aims to develop a program based on a methodology to enable the preparation of design according to production requirement. Thus, the appropriate algorithms were developed to evaluate the product design according to assembly requirements and also to assess the product design according to manufacturing requirements. The programs were applied to four case studies, two of them for Design for Assembly

(DFA) and other two were for Design for Manufacturing (DFM). The study concluded that the method gives very good results for (DFA) and results of the studied two cases showed to lower the total assembly time, as well as increases the quality of the operation by lowering the probability of error expectation. However, results of (DFM) studies cases showed that the proposed program needs more development to cover all factors affecting the manufacturing processes. The paper concluded that the suggested and developed DFA and DFM programs are a valid and beneficial approach; however, more research work is required to establish a complete and comprehensive database to match the experience of human experts in the field. Adding such database to the developed programs will increase its reliability and applicability

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“DEVELOPING A METHODOLOGY TO PREPARE DESIGN ACCORDING TO PRODUCTION REQUIREMENT ” (2024) Journal of Engineering, 16(04), pp. 5958–5981. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2010.04.19.

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“DEVELOPING A METHODOLOGY TO PREPARE DESIGN ACCORDING TO PRODUCTION REQUIREMENT ” (2024) Journal of Engineering, 16(04), pp. 5958–5981. doi:10.31026/j.eng.2010.04.19.

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