Sustainable Roadway Planning: A Model for a Proposed Rating System in Iraq


  • Angham Ezzulddin Alsaffar, PhD. student College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
  • Dua'a Mouiad Lafta, MSc student College of Engineering-University of Baghdad


rating system; sustainable criteria; sustainable planning.


     The goal of the research is to develop a sustainable rating system for roadway projects in Iraq for all of the life cycle stages of the projects which are (planning, design, construction and operation and maintenance). This paper investigates the criteria and its weightings of the suggested roadway rating system depending on sustainable planning activities. The methodology started in suggesting a group of sustainable criteria for planning stage and then suggesting weights from (1-5) points for each one of it. After that data were collected by using a closed questionnaire directed to the roadway experts group in order to verify the criteria weightings based on the relative importance of the roadway related impacts that each credit addresses. Statistical analysis for expert's answers have been evaluated by using factor analysis method to ensure the compatibility and validity of credits selected for the rating system and the actual weights conducted for each criteria by using the factor analysis method by using SPSS program V.19. Finally the researcher put the details for each criterion that contain from aim, requirements and strategies. The researcher reached to that the study of the all life cycle stages is important to make a clear comparison between the roles of the criteria in different stages.   



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Alsaffar, A. E. and Lafta, D. M. (2017) “Sustainable Roadway Planning: A Model for a Proposed Rating System in Iraq”, Journal of Engineering, 23(5), pp. 61–75. Available at: (Accessed: 28 May 2022).