Effect of Construction Joints on the Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams

  • Hussain Askar Jabir, Lecturer
  • Thaar Sauid Salman, Ass. Prof. Dr. College Engineering - University of Wassit
  • Jasim Mahmood mhalhal, Ass. Lect.
Keywords: construction joint, cold joint, reinforced concrete, beams, crack, monotonic.


In this study, the effect of construction joints on the performance of reinforced concrete beams was experimentally investigated. Seven beam specimens, with dimensions of 200×100×1000 mm, were fabricated. The variables were considered including; the location and configuration of the joints. One beam was cast without a joint (Reference specimen), two specimens were fabricated with a one horizontal joint located either at tension, or compression zone. The fourth
beam had two horizontal joints placed at tension, and compression area. The remaining specimens were with one or two inclined joints positioned at the shear span or beam’s mid-span. The specimens were subjected to a monotonic central concentrated loading until the failure. The results of the experimental program indicated that the best location of the construction joint is at the compression zone. The presence of the horizontal construction joint at tension zone resulted
in a reduction in strength of beams, about 5% - 7.5%, relative to the reference beam. However, the inclined construction joint had a little effect on the collapse load of beams, about 1.25% -2.5%.



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