Management Model for Evaluation and Selection of Engineering Equipment Suppliers for Construction Projects in Iraq


  • Kadhim Raheem Erzaij, Dr College of Engineering-University of Baghdad
  • Aula Sakban Bidan, MSc student College of Engineering-University of Baghdad


engineering equipment, supplier, construction, AHP, decision maker, model, ESEES, software.


Engineering equipment is essential part in the construction project and usually manufactured with long lead times, large costs and special engineering requirements. Construction manager targets that equipment to be delivered in the site need date with the right quantity, appropriate cost and required quality, and this entails an efficient supplier can satisfy these targets. Selection of engineering equipment supplier is a crucial managerial process .it requires evaluation of multiple suppliers according to multiple criteria. This process is usually performed manually and based on just limited evaluation criteria, so better alternatives may be neglected. Three stages of survey comprised number of public and private companies in Iraqi construction sector were employed to identify main criteria and sub criteria for supplier selection and their priorities.The main criteria identified were quality of product, commercial aspect, delivery, reputation and position, and system quality . An effective technique in multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) as analytical hierarchy process (AHP) have been used to get importance weights of criteria based on experts judgment. Thereafter, a management software system for Evaluation and Selection of Engineering Equipment Suppliers (ESEES) has been developed based on the results obtained from AHP. This model was validated in a case study at municipality of Baghdad involved actual cases of selection pumps suppliers for infrastructure projects .According to experts, this model can improve the current process followed in the supplier selection and aid decision makers to adopt better choices in the domain of selection engineering equipment suppliers.



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Erzaij, K. R. and Bidan, A. S. (2016) “Management Model for Evaluation and Selection of Engineering Equipment Suppliers for Construction Projects in Iraq”, Journal of Engineering, 22(6), pp. 1–16. Available at: (Accessed: 28 May 2022).

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