Extraction of Manganese Element from Electric Arc Furnace Steel Slag (EAFS) by Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) method


  • Waleed T.Rashid Production and Metallurgy Engineering Department University of Technology Baghdad-Iraq




Liquid-liquid Extraction, Electric Arc Furnace Steel Slag, Mn element.


This research investigates manganese (Mn) extraction from Electric Arc Furnace Steel Slag (EAFS) by using the Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) method. The chemical analysis was done on the slag using X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, and atomic absorption spectroscopy. This work consisted of two parts: the first was an extensive study of the effect of variables that can affect the leaching process rate for Mn element from slag (reaction time, nitric acid concentration, solid to liquid ratio, and stirring speed), and the second part evaluates the extraction of Mn element from leached solution. The results showed the possibility of leaching  83.5 % of  Mn element from the slag at a temperature of 25°C, nitric acid concentration 2 M, time 90 min, S / L ratio 1/100, and stirring speed 700 rpm. 94.7% extraction of Mn was accomplished from nitric acid solutions by using Octyl Pyro Phosphoric Acid (OPPA) in kerosene at contact time for 12 min, 50%OPPA -kerosene, stirring speed 900 rpm, and organic to the aqueous phase (O/A) of 4/1. Kerosene was the most important diluting agent in extracting Mn, compared to benzene and toluene.


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