Developing Crisis Management System for Construction Projects in Iraq


  • ghasaq abdulsalam fadhil College of Engineering - University of Baghdad
  • Burhan College of Engineering - University of Baghdad



Crisis, Economic Crisis, Recession, Crisis Management, Construction Projects, Effects, Procedures


Construction is a complicated process that takes place in an almost uncontrollable environment. Although projects can be carefully planned in advance in principle, there is a chance that unforeseen events and crises can disrupt these plans, affecting project development. Because the initial investment expenditures in construction projects are so large, they may be quickly influenced by crises, resulting in significant financial losses. The 2014 financial crisis was one of the most prominent crises that Iraq faced, which significantly impacted various activities in general and the construction industry in particular. Despite the importance of crisis management systems, the researchers found a great lack of local studies looking at crisis management, specifically in the basic stages chosen for its development, which are before, during, and after a crisis. Therefore, an effective crisis management system has been developed consisting of 20 critical success factors with devising 59 actions that can be taken for each proposed criterion for each of the three stages of crisis.


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